10 Tips for Successful Downsizing in Retirement

//10 Tips for Successful Downsizing in Retirement

10 Tips for Successful Downsizing in Retirement

When planning for your retirement, one of the most important decisions to include in your retirement plan is your housing. Will you continue living in your current home or will you move somewhere else?

Most of the retirees think about a retirement downsizing strategy. Considering where to live and what type of a house you want when you retire can take years of thoughtful planning. There are a lot of aspects to be taken into account when moving and downsizing such as whether you want to live in the existing home, be close to family and friends, the need for a smaller house or whether you aim to lower the taxes and maintenance.

If you’ve been asking yourself “How to downsize for retirement?”, read ahead for ten tips that will help you make downsizing in retirement successful.

Decide where you want to live

Deciding whether to stay in your current community and sell your current home or to move to be closer to your family or friends requires great communication between you and your loved ones. It is a good idea to examine the places you might consider moving to before you actually move. Make sure they’re compatible with your expectations and lifestyle.


Downsizing your house for retirement is important. Try to get rid of the items you collected over the time. It can be hard, but consider giving them to charity and be sure to obtain receipts when making such donations. They will serve you at tax time.

Be organized

We suggest that you do your downsizing over time. Label the items you want to sell, donate, give to your children, keep, toss etc. Embark on this process in advance so you have enough time to change your mind.

Choose a realtor

Hire a Kelly Parks Team real estate agent who will help you and guide you through the process of selling your current house.

Pack all the boxes

When you pack your things use smaller boxes and be detailed when labeling. Have a large label stating where the items belong to. For instance: kitchen, bedroom, attic etc. Another label should clearly state what items are in the box.

Hire the movers

Make sure to be detailed in what you require and put everything in the written contract. You have to know what you’re paying for.

Label the rooms

Before the actual day of the move in day comes, try to label the rooms in your new house so the movers know where to put your boxes. Make sure to give detailed instructions and the results will be better.

Renovate first

If it’s possible, renovate your new retirement home before you move in. In order to keep everything tidy and organized, lay some plastic or paper on the floor in each room and have all the boxes placed on the plastic or paper.

Make a moving-day-emergency-kit for when you get to the new house

Prepare for your moving day by bringing a box opener, scissors, flashlight, light bulbs, shelf paper, bathroom tissue, hand soap, screwdriver, charging cord for phones and laptop, markers. These will serve you well until you get settled in.

Don’t push yourself

Downsizing your home in retirement doesn’t have to be stressful. Make it fun and make sure you have your car filled with gas if you’re moving to a new area. It might take time for you to get acquainted with the location.

Choose The Kelly Parks Team for Your Downsizing Needs

The Kelly Parks Team wants you to enjoy your retirement days and is here to help you prepare for it the best way possible. Call us today at 813-579-2816!

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