Top 4 Florida Home Insurance Companies

//Top 4 Florida Home Insurance Companies

Top 4 Florida Home Insurance Companies

Citizens of Florida can still recall a clear picture of Hurricane Irma and the tragedies that conspired under its wake. Between the Caribbean and Sunshine State, the aftermath left many individuals at a loss of their loved ones and fellow communities. With damages totaling in at $50 billion, Hurricane Irma is undoubtedly one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in history.

For those that live in Florida, this means one thing:  preparation in the face of a hurricane is imperative. To ensure both your family and home are protected, you’ll need to identify a reliable homeowner’s insurance company.

If you’re interested to learn about home insurance companies other than State Farm, continue reading ahead. We’ll discuss our top 4 Florida home insurance companies that offer affordable rates and insurance coverage.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

One of the top-rated homeowner’s insurance companies in Florida is the Florida Peninsula Insurance Company. It is among the top 10 insurance companies in the state of Florida. If you hold their policy, you can make claims over the phone and online as well. They’re also known to offer exceptional customer service, which will help answer any of your questions. This insurance company is available in almost every city in Florida. You can check if your city is on the list here.

Citizen’s Property Insurance Corporation

Another top Florida homeowner’s insurance company is the Citizen’s Property Insurance Corporation.  It is a government entity which is non-profit and tax-exempt. If you’re a Florida resident who can’t find private coverage then Citizen’s Property Insurance is your go-to. You can also receive ample discounts on policy premiums while learning valuable disaster safety and preventive measures.

Universal Property & Casualty

Universal Property & Casualty offers some of the lowest rates when compared to other insurance companies in Florida. This is a great alternative for individuals looking to save money on their insurance quote. They have a very efficient automated system. Their policyholders can file a claim 24/7 and one of the company’s representatives reconnects with them.

St. Johns Insurance

St. Johns Insurance is an insurance company that provides just property coverage. If you are their policyholder, you can expect to work with people with high expertise. Their focus is solely on homeowners products, prioritizing customer satisfaction in the claims process. However, you won’t be able to use multi-policy discounts that other insurance companies in Florida might have.

How much does Florida home insurance cost?

The average homeowner in the US pays $1,173 annually for home insurance. However, the situation in Florida is a bit different. Since the hurricanes, floods, and storms occur more often, the home insurance rates are higher. On average, residents pay $1,993 for home insurance per year.

Home Insurance Matters

It’s understandable to prioritize health, life, and car insurance – however, you’ll need to prioritize home insurance, too. For areas like Key West, Florida, you’ll especially need great homeowners insurance. There are many companies that offer coverage options for your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you need home insurance assistance or have real estate questions, contact the Kelly Parks Team of experts. They are available to help with home insurance policies for your vacation rentals, homes, and more.

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