5 Reasons Why Listing Your Home with a Realtor is Better than for Sale by Owner

//5 Reasons Why Listing Your Home with a Realtor is Better than for Sale by Owner

5 Reasons Why Listing Your Home with a Realtor is Better than for Sale by Owner

It’s a fact that technology impacts our everyday lives in a number of ways. We’ve now become accustomed to relying on technology to help us learn virtually anything one could possibly think of. With the press of a button, video tutorials guide you through each step of a specific subject in just minutes.

Yet, not every subject is worthy of being self-taught. If you are seeking to sell your home, it’s better to skip the research on the ‘howto’s’ and instead, seek out the assistance of an experienced realtor.

Interested to find out how we support our recommendation? Read ahead to discover why hiring a real estate agent is better than listing your home as for sale by owner:

1. Real estate agents will sell your home faster

Real estate agents spend the majority of their time researching the market and better. They have the ability to advertise all home listings for sale in an effective way that gains the leads you’re looking for. Realtors also have access to multiple listing service databases and they’re likely to know someone who is looking to buy a home. In these instances, they might not need to market your property at all.

2. Real estate agents will get you more money

Since realtors understand the real estate market better, they can typically list your home for sale at the correct price. The best part is that realtors know how to ask a potential buyer to pay for your house and are very influential in the selling process.

3. Better home presentations and exposure

People who want to buy a house frequently contact a realtor. So, there will be many buyers that will only look at new home listings for sale which are listed by an agent. This way, your property will have more showings and thus more offers.

If you add an agent’s presentation skills to the mix, there’s a good chance you’ll sell your house fast and for a good price. In today’s market, staging and presenting a house is extremely important.

4. Real estate agents will help you negotiate

When an agent lists your home for sale and the potential buyers start coming, you will need your agent’s help to negotiate the best price
possible. Let’s face it: not all of us are good at negotiation. That’s why an experienced realtor will be needed to receive the highest offer

5. A realtor leads you through the entire selling process

Selling a house isn’t just about signing paperwork and giving away your keys to the buyer. There are multiple steps that you must go
through in order to seal the deal. This includes appointments with appraisals and inspections. As well as, the completion of a title search which can only be done through a title company or lawyer’s office. The perks of hiring a realtor are that they have experience time and
time again working with the best companies that will assist you during these processes.

When you decide to sell your home in Tampa, feel free to contact the Kelly Parks Team. You’ll need experience real estate agents who are always there for you to ensure the process of selling your home goes smoothly.

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