Top 5 Places to Visit in Tampa

//Top 5 Places to Visit in Tampa

Top 5 Places to Visit in Tampa

If Tampa has been on your radar and you’re interested to see what it holds, then you’re in luck! We’ve provided our Kelly Parks Team recommendations for the top 5 places to visit in Tampa, so you’ll never be disappointed. Whether you’re considering a move to Tampa or are thinking about visiting, our comprehensive list will put you front and center to some of the most fascinating locations in the bay.

Read ahead to begin planning your trip:

1. Busch Gardens

Are you looking forward to having fun in Tampa with your family? Well, Busch Gardens may be a place to add to your ‘to-go’ list when you begin your trip.  If you’ve yet to hear about this location, we’ll fill you in. Busch Gardens is an amusement park that’s actually older than nearby Disney World! It offers you more than 12,000 animals, live shows, shops, games and restaurants. The park is open every day of the year. As it’s one of the top attractions in Tampa, it can get crowded easily. To avoid the crowd, we recommend going through the park in reverse. It’s a must-see, especially if you have little ones.

2. Florida Aquarium

Seeing aquatic animals and plants from all over the world at one place – who could possibly resist that?! Not only do they have aquatic animals and plants, but Florida Aquarium has over 20,000 species. The Aquarium features exhibits which are laid out in such a way that they follow the journey of a drop of water from one of Florida’s fresh-water springs to the open ocean of the Gulf of Mexico. Your kids are going to love this!

3. Tampa Museum of Art

If you’re a lover of art or can appreciate the wonders that art offers, then you should absolutely make headway to the Tampa Museum of Art. There is no doubt that you’ll enjoy the outstanding antiquities and visual, modern or contemporary art. The Museum also provides different educational programs, lectures and workshops for both adults and children.

4. Florida Museum of Photographic Art

We recommend that all photographers or fans of photography visit the Florida Museum of Photographic Art (FMoPA) at least once in their life. Florida Museum of Photographic Art (FMoPA) is dedicated to collecting, preserving and exhibiting historical and contemporary works by nationally and internationally known photographic artists. There, you can always count on being inspired!

5. The Columbia Restaurant

The Columbia Restaurant provides some of the best food in Tampa. It has been featured in USA Today as one of the oldest Spanish eateries in the United States. Despite its large size, The Columbia Restaurant has retained a very intimate feel due to the well divided layout. If you aren’t head over heals for a Spanish cuisine, you’ll find that the menu offers a mix of both Cuban and Italian options. When in the area,  visiting this Tampa landmark is a must!

There is no shortage of things to do and visit in Tampa. It is simply a city that can offer different activities and restaurants for all ages and tastes. So, have you booked your trip to Tampa yet? The bay is waiting for you!

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