How you can benefit from using a real estate agent

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How you can benefit from using a real estate agent

Looking for a house to buy in Tampa but not sure whether to do it yourself or to hire a real estate agent to help you?! Our advice is to go for a Tampa real estate agent who will make your life much easier. The Kelly Parks Team is here to save you all the trouble. Our real estate agents in Tampa are able to match you with the perfect property.

Ethical Consideration

All the real estate agents who are members of National Association of Realtors (NAR) abide by the code of ethics. The realtor is obliged to put the clients’ interests ahead of his/her own and to deal with all parties included in the transaction in an honest manner.

Available homes

Yes, you can find most of the houses that are for sale, online. The thing you maybe didn’t know is that there are sellers who don’t want their house to be publically advertised as being for sale. However, luckily for you, real estate agents are the ones who know these houses are for sale.


Most real estate agents can set the price on a house the minute they enter it. And they can also provide you with data on local home sales and bring in their assets to the deal that come from years of watching waves of transactions in the neighborhood.

Repairs requests

A real estate agent can see all the things that need to get repaired or even recommend you with a good home inspector. According to their report, you can decide what is important and reasonable to request and what’s not.


When you work with someone who knows the paperwork inside and out, then you don’t have to worry about becoming overwhelmed by it. The odds of missing something or not checking some box are minimal when you have a real estate agent next to you. They can do the heavy lifting for you!

Specific features

An agent knows the houses and the neighborhoods inside and out. Not all the features of the house that you might be interested in are seen on the Internet. This is where your agent steps in. If you, for example, want a space you can use as an office, your agent will know where to find it. They can help you envision certain spaces based on your preferences.

Negotiation with no emotions

In order to make a deal, you should look at the positive sides of every offer and counteroffer without showing a sour face. Experts say that the easiest way to do this is to let your agent lead the negotiations. They can be that neutral and objective party that you need representing you.

Record keeping

Files and documents about all the transactions are kept by your agent so you can count on them on having them organized and safe should you ever need them. However, you should have your own copies too, just in case. This will ensure that you won’t have any major hiccups if something is missing.

Closing problems

If you don’t want any lost relative to come one day and say they didn’t sign off the sale, then again, you should consider hiring an agent who can prevent these things from happening before closing the deal.


Feel free to contact the Kelly Parks Team at (813) 579-2816 to speak with a realtor. Also check out our blog for some more great tips. Let’s help you with your real estate needs!


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