Buying a new house is about choosing your community

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Buying a new house is about choosing your community

You want to buy a new house in Tampa? Great! The Tampa real estate market offers you many opportunities, so it is vital that you know which factors to consider before you make the big decision for you and your family. Now, let our Kelly Parks Team real estate agents help you and tell you what factors you need to consider before you make the final decision and choose the perfect house for you. Real estate agents in Tampa say that a right house is not just about what is between the walls. It’s also about the location!

Set your priorities
First thing’s first- you need to answer this question: What’s important for me and my family and why?

  • If you have kids, then most probably you will want to have a house that is within a walking distance to your kids’ school or near parks and playgrounds.
  • If you don’t have kids and you’re a young professional, then you may want to be near downtown or recreational activities. Do you commute to work? If yes, you may want to be near the highway. We may suggest that you take a test drive when you normally drive to see how you feel about it before making your decision.
  • If you’re retired and want to have a quiet and peaceful place for yourself and your hobbies then a house with less maintenance and some space for hobbies is right for you. You can also consider having people with similar interests near you.

Thinking long-term
Ok, now that you’ve thought about and set your priorities, it’s time to refine them a little bit and think about the future. Tampa real estate agents don’t want you to be an unhappy homeowner after a few years. So think about these priorities:

  • Your kids’ elementary school is within the walking distance but they will grow up and start high school probably somewhere else in town. Will the location still fit you in 5-10 years from now?
  • You’re a young professional who will get older, may get married and have children. Will you be struggling to find silence for your child while living in a noisy part of town?
  • You wanted peace and people with similar interests around you, but think how your grandchildren will want to visit you and kids are not so quiet while they play. Will your house be easy to maintain if you decide to travel during certain times of the year?

While you are, understandably, most focused on the house itself, you should also spend some time looking into the area around it and think long-term if you’re there to stay.

When you are ready to buy a home, feel free to contact the Kelly Parks Team at (813) 579-2816 to speak with a realtor. Also check out our blog for some more great tips. Let’s help you with your real estate needs!


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